Step by step guide to the GAA Physical Development Programme

This section covers details of sessions with in the GAA Physical Development Programe

You can click on any of the exercises listed below and it will bring you to screen grabs of the actually video footage of the routines as well as key points related to the routines.
The programme has been split into two separate sessions. There are 19 exercises in the Sessions 1 and 18 in Session 2. Certain exercises are included in both sessions.

Use the sessions as part of a warm up. Alternate between sessions to ensure the complete programme is covered on a regular/consistent basis.

Physical Development Session 1 Physical Development Session 2
Joint Mobility  Joint Mobility
1. Quadruped Rotation  1.  Superman Standing
2. Roll, Reach & Lift  2. Spiderman Rotation
Floor Core  Floor Core
1. Low Bear Bridge  1. Alternate Superman Kneeling
2. Alternate Superman Kneeling  2. Reverse Crunch
3. Side Bridge with Alphabets  3. Dead Bug Rotation
Central Nervous System Activation  Central Nervous System Activation
1. Pogo Jumps  1. Pogo Jumps
2. Lateral Jumps  2. Lateral Jumps
3. Back / Forward Jumps  3. Back / Forward Jumps
Linear Speed Linear Speed
1. Single Exchange Wall Drill  1. High Skip
2. A March into a Skip  2. Push Up Starts
3. Lean, Fall, Run  3. 3 Point Start
4. Split Stance start
Agility  Agility
1. Lateral Side Bounds & Absorb  1. 45 Degree Hops
2. 45 Degree Hops  2 Power Cut L/R
Pre – Hab Work  Pre – Hab Work
1. IYTW Thumbs up Part 1 Part 2  1. Side Crawling
2. Side Crawling  2. Liner (Forward/Reverse) Crawling
Conditioning / Circuits   Conditioning / Circuits 
1. Shuttle Runs  1. Shuttle Runs
2. Plank  2. Plank
3. Side Plank  3. Side Plank